Excited about bullet journaling my journey

Hello everyone.

I’m ashamed to say… I’m an addict. Addicted to what you ask?  Bullet journals (hides face).

It all started when I was googling tips on how to stay organized. Being an engineering student and running a side fashion design business on the side, it required that I get a handle on how I manage my time.  Anyhu, I browsed the net and was blown away by the amount of productivity apps,  books and organisational tips that were out there. I like going to the images section first when on the search engine and so that’s where I went. This was when I fell inlove with bullet journals.

Since I was 11years old I have been using those colourful school diaries with colour coded pages and pictures of backstreet boys and Insync at the end of every month. Remember those? Lol,  or am I showing my age? Any way this became part of my daily planning and I carried this habit through all the way to high school and varsity.  I even kept on buying the same colourful diary in my early years of varsity.

Around 2nd year I started using the “grown up” version with white pages and black lines my mom gave me (wait a minute,  was she hinting at something here? Hmmm).  It was ok, I used it but it lacked the zest I was used to but I used the “grown ups” version for two more years. I missed my old kiddish types plus they cost way less and weren’t quickly sold out at the shops.  If you wanted the “grown ups” version for next year you would have to start checking the stores in September because they would be finished by November or the prices would be inflated by the retailers in order to take advantage of the festive season shoppers.

Anyhu, I watched a few YouTube videos and was hooked. I went to the the bulletjournal.com site and learned how to use this system, something inside me awakened. All you need is a notebook and a pen to get started.  I want to make one for my sewing project, join me!!

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